CTE is about actively engaging students in the arts and empowering them to achieve their dreams. The Intern Program was created to enable students to take what they’ve learned in CTE workshops and give back to the program by helping the younger students learn and grow. Interns are paid CTE staff and role models.  Intern candidates must be high school to first year in college age and have participated in CTE as a student for at least two years.

Interns work with groups of approximately 10-12 students of mixed ages who are in the Arts Festival and Showcase/Spotlight/PT programs. Tasks include leading Circle Groups, directing short plays for Arts Festival casts, and teaching classes in all aspects of the theatre arts. Interns work closely with the Artistic Director and other CTE faculty to learn what it takes to become an effective instructor.

Why is CTE so special?

Below is a video that really says it all. Rachel Hodes, a former CTE intern, has given us permission to share a college presentation where she outlines why CTE is more than just a theatre camp. She touches upon the holistic approach that the staff and interns celebrate and spread throughout all the students. Please click play below and hear from someone who experienced the enrichment of CTE firsthand.

Rachel Hodes – CTE Intern Experience from CTE on Vimeo.



2019 Interns

Lily Nguyen

This summer will be Lily’s sixth year at CTE and second as an intern! This year she graduates from Olympia High School, where she enjoys playing violin, writing poetry, and doing tech theater. Many of her past years at CTE were exclusively behind the scenes, but she is excited to be an intern again this summer and make new memories!



 Cameron Sandison

 Kat KanzlerFacetune_11-06-2018-08-41-22.JPG

This will be Kat’s 6th year at CTE and she is super excited to return as an intern. Kat is completing her first year at South Puget Sound Community College where she is continuing to pursue her dream of being a teacher. She can’t wait for this summer as she knows it will be a blast!



Lucy Peters

I am so excited to have my eleventh summer at CTE, as an intern! I’m thrilled for this summer and I can’t wait to meet, and see everyone again. This is going to be a great Summer!



Imogen Gilmore-Baldwin

Imogen is finishing up her first year at college. She first did CTE 12 years ago!  This is her second summer as an intern and she is very excited to build on the experiences of last year and have fun working with everyone creating an amazing performance!  She loves making new friends, trying new foods, and meeting new dogs!




Kai Walz

Kai has taken part in Showcase for the past several years.  This year he returns as an Intern.  In the fall he will be a senior at Capital High School.  He’ll be running Cross Country and Track while attending SPSCC for his 2nd year of Running Start. 


Cece Baldwin

Cece has been a part of CTE for the past 6 years and is so excited to return this summer for her first year as an intern.  She’s heading into her Junior year at Olympia High School, where she spends her time on the stage, painting sets, or up in the booth running lights.




Elinor Hendricks

This will be Elinor’s 9th year in CTE and her first as an intern. She is currently doing her junior year of high school on exchange in Colombia. In her free time she likes to read and paint. 



Maddy Huntington-Bradley

This will be Maddy’s 8th year of CTE and  she is very happy to be returning as an intern for the first time! She will be coming back this summer from an exchange year in Brazil and will be a senior at Olympia High School this fall. She enjoys dancing, eating, and spending time with friends and puppies! 


Liam McFarland

This will be Liam’s 4th year at CTE, and his first year as an intern! Liam is completing his junior year at Avanti High School, and in his free time he is a passionate listener and creator of music. His favorite artists are Vampire Weekend and Lorde!