2 days ago

Time for another Tech Team Tuesday! (We told you it should be a thing.)

As we move into tech and dress rehearsals for Arts Festival, our Tech Team students are moving into their roles backstage, ... See more

3 days ago
Photos from Creative Theatre Experience (CTE)'s post

This is the week where summer seems both long and short. We can't believe it's almost the end of Arts Festival, and yet it seems like we've always been here together. There are so many great ... See more

4 days ago

Shopping on Amazon for Prime Day tomorrow? Your purchases could support CTE! All you have to do is visit smile.amazon.com and select that you'd like to support CTE ("Creative Theatre Experience ... See more

6 days ago
Photos from Creative Theatre Experience (CTE)'s post

We've got spirit - yes we do! CTE Spirit, that is...

Sometimes you need a break for some fun and games, and we've been having a great time with our CTE Spirit games this summer. Our amazing TYROS ... See more

1 week ago

We're wrapping up our last rotation of Arts Festival classes today, and it's been great fun seeing all the different activities and experiences students are having in each class.

Comment below with ... See more

1 week ago

Of all the nations... Imagination is my favorite place!

We love seeing and hearing the ways our students create and express their imaginations all summer long!

#creativetheatre #ctesummerrevolution

1 week ago

Happy Tech-Team Tuesday! (Can we all agree this should be a thing?)

Our hard working Tech and Production Team students are busy building and painting sets, creating props, and learning all about ... See more

1 week ago

Our Spotcase-Team (Showcase, Spotlight, Production and Tech Team) students all choose one masterclass to take each summer in a discipline that interests them. This year's classes are awesome - ... See more

1 week ago

We hope everyone enjoyed your holiday yesterday. We're back at it today with a full day of rehearsals, classes, and Circle Groups! If you're here today, we're so glad you're back, and if you missed ... See more

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